[s-cars] Re: Guys, how's the S6 look pulled over @ 2am? I bet it

Cecil Morris cecilmorris at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 9 07:14:41 EST 2003

I was going to honk  myself but I thought it would be
bad form. Actually before the bend where you were I
was doing about 90 or so until the tractor trailer lit
up in front of me when he saw you. I thought, I wonder
if it is a s-car (sorry about the negative energy).
Anyway thanks for opening the road up though even
though I got off at the next exit and sorry about the
ticket. I waved but you were too busy doing the I pay
your salary bit:)

93 S4

p.s. you sounded great pulling out of Paul's street
you made him cringe a bit not bad for stock exhaust.

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