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H&R 29800 are the proper springs for a '91 200q20v, not
for an UrS. Using them on an UrS will lower the car too much
and it won't be good- you'll be close to the bump stops all
the time, not enough spring rate for the heavier UrS.


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Hi Guys-

Well it did not take long, but I want to upgrade the suspension in the
S6.  On the ride up to the dyno this morning (more on that later
seperately), I got to let the car run for a bit.  The comfortable ride @
60 becomes floaty at 100+, not a fun experience.

Warning newbie comment:  This car on the highway is awesome!  A gentle
squeeze of the accelerator @ 80 sends the car rushing forward without
dropping out of 5th gear!  Such FUN!

Anyway, I found a guy wanting to unload a set of H&R  springs (29800's,
did not give the full #) for $200.   On the UrS4 site, all the springs
listed are discontinued and that the Eibach are the preferred spring.
Are these a good purchase/price?  Are there still vendors that have
these out there?  Opinions appreciated.


'95 S6 in search of new suspension......


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