[s-cars] My Hawk HPS Pads for my 993 Big Reds Squeal like crazy at low speeds when hot.

Levent Cur leventcur at ameritech.net
Sun Nov 9 12:14:16 EST 2003

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Hey all I just put on my ECS Stage 2 Kit. I have Porsche dampeners on
the back of the pads and have greased the carriers as per ECS (Tom's)
request. They still squeal at low speed braking on medium or light pedal
pressure. I'm really upset about this. its so annoying and loud. Anyone
have any ideas? I hope this turns into a big debate, because I found
little bits and pieces in the archives. Also Elijah (Green urS4), I met
you at GingerMan, I was the guy in the Silver S6 with 18" wheels.  What
do you run? Cause yours didn't squeal at all. By the way my pads don't
squeal when cold.

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