[s-cars] LLTek lower valence installed

Edwin Foo efoo at alum.mit.edu
Sun Nov 9 12:47:56 EST 2003

Well, the weather finally cleared up enough today in Boston for me to
take some pictures of my recently installed (3 weeks ago) LLTek RS
front. I did also take some pictures the day of the installation, but it
was cloudy and raining, so the pictures did not show off the lower
valence that well.

I ended up deciding to paint the valence black to match the rest of the
sideskirts and rear valence -- painting all of them white would have
been difficult due to the rubbery material used on the other pieces, and
my body shop guy recommended against it. The install went well --
fitment and quality are quite good as others report. Overall, my review
is positive, although I wish LLTek would have been more upfront about
the time it took to finally ship out.

Pictures are up at


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