[s-cars] Steering rack issue

Craig D. Niederst niederst at dashfast.com
Sun Nov 9 13:16:36 EST 2003

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As some listers may have remembered, my '92 100S had the cracked body mount=
 for the steering rack problem. I was able to order a new reinforcement bra=
cket piece for the steering rack mount, and the car is currently at a local=
 shop being repaired. Here's where the problems started. When the shop trie=
d to remove the two mounting bolts, they found both were completely seized =
in the rack. They were able to drill one out, but while attempting to drill=
 the second one out, the mounting ear snapped off. So they gave me two opti=
ons: (1) find another steering rack (new or used) or (2) leave the rack in =
there with only one mounting bolt. If I went with the new rack option, I wo=
uld be responsible for the cost of the new rack plus installation labor (bi=
g $$$). The tech working on my car seems to think that one bolt will be fin=
e, but I think otherwise. My thoughts were if the rack mount area on the bo=
dy was cracked, there is a good amount of stress placed in that area, and c=
hances are that one bolt will eventually shear. I have to call the shop bac=
k tomorrow with my decision, so I wanted to hear some other opinions on thi=
s issue. TIA.

'92 100S (107k...bad rack)
'86 CGT (230k...smashed headlight, grill and hood from Bambi...)

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