[s-cars] Steering rack issue

Mark Strangways strangconst at rogers.com
Sun Nov 9 16:04:18 EST 2003

Too me it's a no brainier...
The rack connects to steer the front wheels, why play games there.
Kinda like driving a high power motor boat with a bad single cable steering
system, if it brakes you in for one FAST right hand turn. ( No BTDT on this,
but I can imagine)

Mark S
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As some listers may have remembered, my '92 100S had the cracked body mount
for the steering rack problem. I was able to order a new reinforcement
bracket piece for the steering rack mount, and the car is currently at a
local shop being repaired. Here's where the problems started. When the shop
tried to remove the two mounting bolts, they found both were completely
seized in the rack. They were able to drill one out, but while attempting to
drill the second one out, the mounting ear snapped off. So they gave me two
options: (1) find another steering rack (new or used) or (2) leave the rack
in there with only one mounting bolt. If I went with the new rack option, I
would be responsible for the cost of the new rack plus installation labor
(big $$$). The tech working on my car seems to think that one bolt will be
fine, but I think otherwise. My thoughts were if the rack mount area on the
body was cracked, there is a good amount of stress placed in that area, and
chances are that one bolt will eventually shear. I have to call the shop
back tomorrow with my decision, so I wanted to hear some other opinions on
this issue. TIA.

'92 100S (107k...bad rack)
'86 CGT (230k...smashed headlight, grill and hood from Bambi...)

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