[s-cars] Floor Mats

Kirby Smith kirby.a.smith at verizon.net
Sun Nov 9 16:53:31 EST 2003

Hmmm.  Thanks for the link.  Then either my aftermarket mats shouldn't
say quattro, or the term is registered only for automotive drive trains,
and not mats.  Audi can't control the term when it is applied to other
stuff, especially when it is a common word.  A mat for an Audi quattro,
though, would seem to me to be covered by Audi's claims, no matter how
minimal.  Maybe Lloyds are licensed.


Igor Kessel wrote:
> Kirby Smith wrote:
> > quattro isn't copywrited but the 4 rings are.
> I have to disagree here, Kirby.
> "TDI, quattro, Spaceframe, ASF, as well as the model names are
> registered trademarks of AUDI AG."
> http://www.audi.com/com/en/terms_of_use/copyright.jsp
> --
> Igor Kessel
> two turbo quattros

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