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Craig D. Niederst niederst at dashfast.com
Mon Nov 10 00:26:23 EST 2003

Thanks for the info. I see what you are getting at in reference to the part
of the steering rack that juts out through the hole in the body. I have yet
to see how much of the ear has broken off, but if the tech thinks it will
hold with one bolt there must be a good bit of it left. My issue with the
repair is that the part of the rack that pokes through the cutout is a bit
smaller in diameter than the cutout, and may allow considerable movement if
not anchored at 2 points. I have no clue how they broke the ear off, maybe
it was because the rack was still in the car and they could not properly
brace the backside when applying pressure to it when drilling. The shop is
my regular independent mechanic who I have been taking this car to since
'96, and does both mechanical and body work (2 separate departments). In
terms of getting a rebuilt rack and damaged core issues, I know of a local
boneyard that has a '93 100S with a complete rack still in it. But looking
at Bentley, the labor to replace the rack looks like it will be cost
prohibitive (the cracked body mount repair alone is going to cost ~$500, and
the used rack will probably be $250+ in parts plus over $500 in labor for a
car that books at ~$3000). I'm going to stop by the shop tomorrow AM to have
a look at the damage, and make my decision from there.

'92 100S (107k)
'86 CGT (231k)

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> Craig,
> Assuming the design is similar to the Type 44's ...
> I tend to agree with the tech.  The end of the rack with two ears is the
> drivers side and I don't think these bolts are really doing much
> type work. .. as long as there is still enough of a flange on the end of
> the rack to keep it from poking right through the body cutout.  On the
> driver's side the rack end actually sits inside the body cutout which
> prevents movement fore-aft.  I think the strain which cracked the body
> would be primarily lateral motion.
> What were they doing whilst drilling out the bolt that would break the ear
> off?
>  What kind of shop is it?  A body shop, or legit Audi mechanics?
> I'm also having trouble picturing the bolts being completely siezed.
> If you do decide to replace the rack....
> With the broken ear you may not be able to get the core charge refunded
> your old rack.
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> Dave C.
> Original  message below...
> As some listers may have remembered, my '92 100S had the cracked body
>  for the steering rack problem. I was able to order a new reinforcement
> cket piece for the steering rack mount, and the car is currently at a
>  shop being repaired. Here's where the problems started. When the shop
> d to remove the two mounting bolts, they found both were completely seized
> in the rack. They were able to drill one out, but while attempting to
>  the second one out, the mounting ear snapped off. So they gave me two
> ons: (1) find another steering rack (new or used) or (2) leave the rack in
> there with only one mounting bolt. If I went with the new rack option, I
> uld be responsible for the cost of the new rack plus installation labor
> g $$$). The tech working on my car seems to think that one bolt will be
> e, but I think otherwise. My thoughts were if the rack mount area on the
> dy was cracked, there is a good amount of stress placed in that area, and
> hances are that one bolt will eventually shear. I have to call the shop
> k tomorrow with my decision, so I wanted to hear some other opinions on
> s issue. TIA.
> Craig
> '92 100S (107k...bad rack)
> '86 CGT (230k...smashed headlight, grill and hood from Bambi...)

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