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Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 9 22:38:48 EST 2003

"quattro" would be protected by trademark, not copyright.

and it is indeed an audi trademark.  trademark rights are generally
based on field of use.

audi's field of use, automobiles, is different from shick's field of
use, razors.  there's a classic case that covers this topic, and
strangely enough, it happens to be car-related, too: lexus versus
mead data, owner of the lexis/nexis database service.  lexis/nexis had
been around for a long time before toyota decided to launch lexus, and
mead data tried to stop toyota.  short answer:  toyota/lexus won.


--- Ingo Rautenberg <IRautenberg at comcast.net> wrote:
> I don't believe that quattro is copyrighted, unless, of course, Shick paid
> Audi to use the "quattro" name for their new razor?
> Getting Audi-ringed floor mats from anyone bu the dealer was/is pretty much
> impossible.  The problem with getting quattro embroidered is getting the
> proper font.  I'd still buy the mats through the dealer, though -- with the
> "quattro" lettering.  How often you going to buy mats anyhow?
> -Ingo
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