[s-cars] RE: CV joint boots

bob.rossato at att.net bob.rossato at att.net
Mon Nov 10 13:04:46 EST 2003

> > but it sounds like i need to remove the inner joint from the transmissi=
> > flange, so i can take the whole axleshaft assembly out and work on it
> > on the workbench.  the tool i need to remove this assembly is the
> > triple square bit, which somebody said i could acquire from lisle.
> > can somebody take a look at this lisle catalog:
> > http://www.lislecorp.com/tools/catalog/index.htm
> > and tell me which tool it is?
> >
> > should i replace the inner CV joint boot while i'm at it?  it looks
> > ok right now.
> >
> > -teddy
> It's kit # 60750 under the Fastener section, which includes 6, 8, 10, & 1=
> sizes.  Or # 60780 is the 10mm individually wrapped.  Though I've only se=
en them
> in the kit of 4, and it's cheap enough that you may as well get it.  Besi=
des, if
> you ever need to remove the head you'll need the 12mm, and if you ever ha=
ve to
> do CV joints on VW's or smaller Audis you'll need the 8mm.  Just go to an=
y of
> your FLAPS and ask for the triple square bits.
> As for the inner CV joint boot, that's a judgement call, but the boot is =
> enough, ~$15, and it is not that much more difficult to remove than the o=
> one.
> Bob

Oh, and another thing.  The triple-square bolt heads are very easy to strip=
 if you're not careful.  Before trying to loosen them make sure you clean o=
ut the recess in the bolt head of any dirt and grime, then give the bit a s=
mart rap with a hammer to fully seat it before trying to apply torque to it=
.  This is more of an issue with the smaller 8mm versions but it's good pra=
ctice on the 10's as well.


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