Subject: RE: [s-cars] RE: CV joint boots

Mike Platt mplatt911 at
Mon Nov 10 08:46:59 EST 2003

Its not so bad:) Others say they have done it without
removing swaybar mounts , but I did. I just did mine
on the RH side outer a couple months back. Took me
three hours and I even screwed some things up. Bought
the LoBro boot kit, with hub bolt, washers, lube, etc.
for like $20. Special tools required were: torque
wrench, cv boot clamping pliers ($15 at auto snowzone)
and a 25mm, 1 1/6" socket for the bolt.
Using the  Bentley and my stupidity.... 1) Loosened
large bolt with car on ground using big ass pipe on
wrench.2) Undid sway bar mounts near engine. 3)Backed
off large nut on Control arm a bit. 4)Removed ball
joint pin and dropped arm.5) Removed large bolt,
removed CV boot bands, and pulled out joint from back
side. 6)Used old bolt to crank out CV joint off
splines. 7)Repacked joint and assembly was reverse of
removal, of course. 8) Lower car and crank down bolt
until you give yourself a hernia:)

I swore a few times but would do it again and avoid
paying someone over $100 to put on $20 in parts.

Mike P
95.5 S6 avant
75 911 Carrera targa
74 914 2.0
99 Ducati ST4

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