[s-cars] Re:My Hawk HPS Pads for my 993 Big Reds Squeal ..

Cody Payne cpayne at bconnected.com
Mon Nov 10 13:11:08 EST 2003

I believe the problem is not the pad choice but the Rotors.  I have tried 3 separate pads all did squeal equally.  I have heard that upgrading to the Porsche Rotors and ECS Hats solves the problem.  $500 bucks


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I haven't had any problems with squeal using Hawk HPS
pads in my 996 calipers, which are, of course, not the
same as your 993tt calipers. The only time I had squeal
problems was when I drove hard on the street when the pads
were new. Once they were bedded in, no problems at all.

They did fine at several track events, even.

It's not ECS' problem or a lack of standing behind their
product, it simply is that some pads squeal with certain
brake setups. If you're not happy with that, you have to
try other pads or not use a large, fixed caliper.


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