[s-cars] Floor Mats (rubber)

chad clark chadaclark4 at msn.com
Mon Nov 10 20:04:18 EST 2003

Folks, FWIW, I had Lloyds mats embroider the "Quattro" letters in a set of
black mats 2.5 years ago. No, they would not do the four rings. Cost, if I
remember correctly, was $110 for four. The mats are still in great shape
after 2.5 years. I would recommend them to anyone.


on 11/10/03 9:31 AM, Doug Coartney at DCoartney at sc2services.com wrote:

> Doug,
> Our '95.5 S6 had these rubber tray-type mats in it when we bought it from
> the previous owner. He told us he purchased them from the dealer. I remember
> noting that they are Audi mats and have the Audi part number on the bottom
> side. I don't have the car with me, or I could tell you the number(s) right
> away. These are not deep tray mats, but they do have a raised lip around the
> outer perimeter. Pretty heavy-duty rubber, though.
> Doug Coartney
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> Who's got the rubber mats/trays? Is that a dealer item as well?
> Doug L
> 94 S4
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