[s-cars] Re:My Hawk HPS Pads for my 993 Big Reds Squeal ..

Keith Maddock Keith.Maddock at TRW.COM
Tue Nov 11 08:54:17 EST 2003

I know this has already been mentioned, but it's worth stating again.

There is one very simple and very effective way to make your Big-Red brakes squeal-free on the street.

Take advantage of a lot of development work done on these brake calipers by Porsche!

Go to your friendly neighborhood parts store that happens to carry Textar products, and buy a set of OEM replacement Textar pads.
(or go to your neighborhood Porker dealer and pay a bit more)

Textar # 21402 175 0 4

I see thepartsbin.com has then for $146.04 including shipping or you can also look here:

My 968CS front+rear  "little blacks" (soon to be replaced by medium blacks in the front) squeal like a pig when I run Pagid Orange/Yellow/Black  or Hawk Blue pads.  However with a set of Textar's all the way around the brakes are as quiet as can be, and this is even without the noise supression disks.

I've even done a bit of track driving on the Ring with the Textar pads, and they are suprisingly  fade resisitant for a "stock pad".

On my 93 S4 with Big Reds up front, I've had decent luck with the Mintex Red-Box, though they still squeak occasionally.  Carbotech Panther-Plus squealed horribly, but were great on the track :)  The next set of pads going in my S4 for street driving will be Textars, not a single  doubt in my mind about that.

Changing brake pads in Porsche calipers is so easy, there is no need to run your track pads on the street.

Just my EUR 0.017 :-D


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