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Tue Nov 11 10:10:00 EST 2003

I do the same:

One set of pads for street.
One set of pads for track.


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>I know this has already been mentioned, but it's worth stating again.
>There is one very simple and very effective way to make your Big-Red brakes
>squeal-free on the street.
>Take advantage of a lot of development work done on these brake calipers by
>Go to your friendly neighborhood parts store that happens to carry Textar
>products, and buy a set of OEM replacement Textar pads.
>(or go to your neighborhood Porker dealer and pay a bit more)
>Textar # 21402 175 0 4
>I see thepartsbin.com has then for $146.04 including shipping or you can
>also look here:
>My 968CS front+rear  "little blacks" (soon to be replaced by medium blacks
>in the front) squeal like a pig when I run Pagid Orange/Yellow/Black  or
>Hawk Blue pads.  However with a set of Textar's all the way around the
>brakes are as quiet as can be, and this is even without the noise
>supression disks.
>I've even done a bit of track driving on the Ring with the Textar pads, and
>they are suprisingly  fade resisitant for a "stock pad".
>On my 93 S4 with Big Reds up front, I've had decent luck with the Mintex
>Red-Box, though they still squeak occasionally.  Carbotech Panther-Plus
>squealed horribly, but were great on the track :)  The next set of pads
>going in my S4 for street driving will be Textars, not a single  doubt in
>my mind about that.
>Changing brake pads in Porsche calipers is so easy, there is no need to run
>your track pads on the street.
>Just my EUR 0.017 :-D
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