[s-cars] Re:My Hawk HPS Pads for my 993 Big Reds Squeal ..

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Tue Nov 11 08:15:47 EST 2003

Putting this another way:  IF you have brake squeal with the porsche textar
swap, THEN you most likely have a problem elsewhere, and have reason to voice
concern.  A LOT of bandwidth on both this list and the AW forum wrt an issue
with a very simple (and relatively cheap) solution.  The reason most agressive
brake pads squeal, is they are more heat efficient at higher operating
temperatures.  That comes at a tradeoff for issues (read "squeal") at lower heat
operating temperatures.  Why most folks just swap pads when they go to the track.
Looking at ECS as the "problem" seems very premature to me.


Scott Justusson
In a message dated 11/11/2003 2:04:27 AM Central Standard Time,
Keith.Maddock at TRW.COM writes:
I know this has already been mentioned, but it's worth stating again.

There is one very simple and very effective way to make your Big-Red brakes
squeal-free on the street.

Take advantage of a lot of development work done on these brake calipers by

Go to your friendly neighborhood parts store that happens to carry Textar
products, and buy a set of OEM replacement Textar pads.
(or go to your neighborhood Porker dealer and pay a bit more)

Textar # 21402 175 0 4

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