[s-cars] Trim purchase opportunity available.- please read if you ordered trim or might want new door trim

chris chambers fastscirocco_2000 at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 11 06:50:03 EST 2003

Hello all!

The door trim I have ordered is coming directly from an importer, not
an Audi dealer. This is how we were able to get such good pricing.
There is good news and bad news.

Unfortunately some of the trim has been back ordered and I can't ship
out the orders as soon as I wanted.

Fortunately for those that didn't get a chance to order trim this is
allowing you a chance to jump on board and get a real good deal on the

The prices are as follows

S4 mid level trim $36.75 per door

S4 & S6 BOTTTOM door trim
LF $47.96
LR $32.14
RF $46.13
RR $32.14

If you want in on the purchase please let me know ASAP.
I am asking for the purchase to be pre-paid via either check or paypal.
Please include $25 for shipping costs, any overpayment on shipping
costs will be refunded.



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