[s-cars] Rear suspension ?strut bearing?

Ron Kirkham ronk at oparch.com
Tue Nov 11 12:07:15 EST 2003

Hey all,

Man I need a current ETKA!

Looking for a part number for what I would call the "strut bearing" at the
top of the REAR suspension for my 93 S4.  The Bentley doesn't really show
what I remember seeing with the parts removed.  Bentley shows something
called a "damping ring", but I don't think this is right.

The Russian ETKA that is on-line shows something more like what I see, and
calls the part I think I need a "bearing ring" with a part number of
441-512-331, which is not a U.S. part number and can't be used.

Rod at TPC shows a "Bearing" that is for both front and rear with a part
number of 4A0-412-249. I would think this part would be different front to
rear, but don't know.

Reason for the need is that I replaced the rear Bilsteins several months
ago, and did not replace this "bearing" and now have a serious amount of
squeaking and noise coming from this area upon suspension compression etc. I
am not sure that my squeaks are from this "bearing", but I understand that
this part is typically replaced when the shocks are replaced. Can someone
help me out, I don't want to tear into this AGAIN, only to find that I have
the wrong parts.

As always, TIA

Ron Kirkham

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