[s-cars] Re:My Hawk HPS Pads for my 993 Big Reds Squeal ..

Rich Dauenhauer rdauenhauer at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 11 11:44:37 EST 2003

Scott, refering back to my inital response to Levent,
"since these KIT's were engineered for our cars" My
point is that as a vendor, ECS then has a
responsibility. That responsibility is to sell the
equipment to the application, Not everyone tracks
thier cars and if there is a trade off, ADVISE the
consumer that BTW with X pads are more aggressive and
should be used in Y application. In my case I HAD that
conversation. IE: asked the Q, that are these
approptiate for a predominatly street drivin car. The
answer was YES. No Problem. Tried other Manf. pads and
YES followed the BEDDING procedure to no avail.
In Toms defense, he expresed that my combo had been
sold to many others with no squeel issues, but all of
the sudden,it was occuring on multiple recent kits,
which might lead one to believe a bad run of ...
rotors, Pads, I dont know.
I havent tried the Textar pads. Im Picking up a set
this afternoon.


"Looking at ECS as the "problem" seems very premature
to me.
Scott Justusson"

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