[s-cars] RE: Riff's dyno #s

riff944 riff944 at cox.net
Tue Nov 11 16:00:28 EST 2003

Hi Guys-

According to some other people there, to get the crank HP from the wheel
numbers need to multiply by 1.35.  So 192.8whp * 1.35 = 260HP crank.  Anyway
that was what I was told.  From the web, I figured the MTM 1+ was good for
275-280hp crank, so it is not far off.  There are pixs from the event and a
graph for my car here, if you are so inclined:


I also have a A/F and  PSI graph for the run.  Tomorrow I will scan both
graphs and overlay them so you can check them out.  From the A/F, the car is
running rich never going over 11:1 from 3500-7200rpm.


S6 gross polluter.....

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