[s-cars] Rear suspension ?strut bearing?

Fred Munro munrof at sympatico.ca
Tue Nov 11 20:22:09 EST 2003

The part you want is probably 441 512 107A, the top spring seat. It is a
rubber part that fits inside the steel upper cap. As Bob says, the squeak is
probably from the outer heim end on the upper control arm. You can quiet it
down for a bit by injecting grease into the joint through the dust seal
using a hypodermic needle fitting on a grease gun.

Fred Munro
'94 S4

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The part number you got from Rod is a bearing for the front struts.  It's
not used in the rear.  The part that you list for the rear, 441 512 331, is
the correct part number as best I can tell, but I don't have a US version of
ETKA loaded so I can't confirm it.  It is possible that the US cars have a
variation of that so if you really wanted to change it you'll have to stop
by your local dealer and get the number.  In either case, it is not a
"bearing" in the traditional sense with ball bearings since there is no
rotation going on there.  It is just a big rubber mount with a bushing in
the middle.  I wouldn't sweat it as it's not the source of your noise.  The
squeaking you're getting is from the upper control arm.  They're about $130.
Mine's doing the same thing.  Though it seems to go away for a while and
then come back.


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> Hey all,
> Man I need a current ETKA!
> Looking for a part number for what I would call the "strut bearing" at the
> top of the REAR suspension for my 93 S4.  The Bentley doesn't really show
> what I remember seeing with the parts removed.  Bentley shows something
> called a "damping ring", but I don't think this is right.
> The Russian ETKA that is on-line shows something more like what I see, and
> calls the part I think I need a "bearing ring" with a part number of
> 441-512-331, which is not a U.S. part number and can't be used.
> Rod at TPC shows a "Bearing" that is for both front and rear with a part
> number of 4A0-412-249. I would think this part would be different front to
> rear, but don't know.
> Reason for the need is that I replaced the rear Bilsteins several months
> ago, and did not replace this "bearing" and now have a serious amount of
> squeaking and noise coming from this area upon suspension
> compression etc. I
> am not sure that my squeaks are from this "bearing", but I understand that
> this part is typically replaced when the shocks are replaced. Can someone
> help me out, I don't want to tear into this AGAIN, only to find
> that I have
> the wrong parts.
> As always, TIA
> Ron Kirkham

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