[s-cars] Interesting RS2 turbo info

Mark Strangways strangconst at rogers.com
Tue Nov 11 21:38:59 EST 2003

Which is really interesting.
I contacted a source up her in Toronto, gave him the 3K part number for an
RS2 turbo.
He says he has em on the shelf for something like 1750 CAD.
I have yet to order one but maybe I should and hook with someone on the list
that has a verified REAL RS2 turbo and check the specs out.

1750 CAD is VERY cheap then.

Mark S
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I was checking to see if it would be worthwhile to buy a half dozen or so
turbos to include in a shipment coming from Germany... much the same way I
did with the RS2 EMs about a month ago.  Rob (in Germany) discovered some
interesting things about these turbos, and I thought some of you might be
interested.  Following is his email to me:

Hi Dave:

First off, I really want to thank you for asking me about those RS2 turbos.
found out some very surprising stuff today. Namely, the old RS2 turbo 034
702 B is now out of stock. This turbo was only used on the 94-95 RS2s and
used to cost 1040 Euro plus 16% tax or 1206.40 Euro. I had assumed that Audi
plenty of turbos left, but my dealer told me no. This model is now
I need a RS2 turbo for my Coupe Quattro conversion and was going to wait. No
more. I'm ordering one for myself tomorrow.

What is available is the 96 turbo, part number 034 105 703 D. I was not
that Audi used a different turbo in 96, but my dealer cross checked this
number and found out that it too is only for the RS2. After these are gone,
will be no more RS2 turbos from Audi. The bad news is that this turbo costs
1450 Euro or 1682 Euro ($1934) at today's exchange rate. He is only giving
me 5%
discount because he told me that he nearly got fired for selling me those 10
RS2 manifolds at dealer pricing to an individual. Like I said, I ordered
myself one because once the stock is gone, there are no more and then
want one just like the 3 bar sensors. So with my 5% discount those RS2
it will cost you 1597.90 Euro or $1837 at today's exchange rate.

Let me know if you want to hamster and hold onto them for a while.

Perhaps you should post this to the S-List and get some serious buyers

Kind Regards, Rob

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