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Wed Nov 12 07:45:13 EST 2003

I suspect that without a Davtron installed to evaluate and watch the IC
temps, this variance could be considered normal.  I can say that the 5ktq that was
tested, didn't have the fan installed in front of the IC, and was put on the
dyno hot.  He pulled a 213 at the wheels that day, and I know that he whacked a
13 sec quarter (published) which would put him off by about 20 on that dyno

IME at dynos, you need a dedicated fan on the radiator, and a dedicated fan
on the IC.  You also need to stabilize the IC temps (I used ice water in a
plant sprayer).  IC's on S cars can heat soak on the first run and NEVER
stabilize.  Especially k24 equipped cars.

Further IMO, the stage 1+ is capable of putting out 280 under optimal
conditions.  IME, a  k24 putting out that kind of power needs optimal conditions to
put out "up to" 280hp.


Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning
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WQQ2PXK at ups.com writes:
Na Mikey, not the message below, his one from the other day.  This one just
reminded me to pose the question.

As Hoppen's site claims 1+ should put out 280hp / 338 tq crank,  244 or so
crank for Riff would seem way off that mark.   I s'pose you're right though,
maybe his HC issue is knocking things down a bit.  But 196tq at wheels
(260ish crank)?  Hard to think that's that far off of the reputed 338 crank
due to his potential HC issue.  Seems odd to me, especially odd as da butt
would be easily convinced of more than that for torque.

I know this is all conjecture, hearsay, and speculation, and my intention is
NOT to 'benchrace' these figures, not at all.  Just more trying to spark
reasonable theory on the matter.  I hope to rope up a few local idiots and
head to that same place maybe after the holidays and hopefully can share
some more data points.

Heh, didn't know Hap was into modeling in his off time.  Sweet!

-P conspiracy theorist K.

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