[s-cars] Wheel problem for Sport Quattro?

James Bufkin jbufkin at austin.rr.com
Wed Nov 12 07:57:32 EST 2003

Hey Colin,

Are you talking about the 16" speedlines which are S1 wheels?
I think the A2s pretty much ran on the Fuchs or the Ronals in 15".  I have
seen some Sutton cars on BBS wheels but thats about it.
The S1 ran on a forged mag speedline which many say was Metric.. Most
people avoid those.

Recently, A guy in Australia bought a set of six 16" speedlines from German
Ebay this year.
He paid alot for them, and I remember them being 16" but only 7" wide
although they were marked as 6.5 and 7" wide.   They were Audi PN Rally
wheels, but not wide enough for asphalt use.

I would like to see a picture of those new wheels if you can manage.
I would investigate the possbility that they are 3rd party non-audi wheels
if they aren't marked with a PN.

As for tires, The 8000s in 245/50 R15 was pretty much your best bet on a
+9" 15" wheel without going to a full race slick.   I considered that tire
heavily with my 15X9s.  If you have a picture of them mounted on your SQ
wheels, I'd like to see that if you have one.    I have 225/50R15s on my
two sets of 15X9 ronals.  They work well.  One set of 4 has Yoko A032R
which fit nicely and the other has BFgoodrich KDs on there.

Austin, TX

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