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Joseph Pizzimenti pizzoman at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 12 06:29:47 EST 2003

Paulie, and other deranged CT/MA area whiners...

If you're waiting for an FMIC, the psycho I sold my
car to said he was working on putting an FMIC on it, I
think he might have done it already and I believe KTR
was doing the work for him.

I'll find out.


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> Sir Torsen shared:
> <<<I suspect that without a Davtron installed to
> evaluate and watch the IC
> temps, this variance could be considered normal.  I
> can say that the 5ktq
> that was
> tested, didn't have the fan installed in front of
> the IC, and was put on the
> dyno hot.  He pulled a 213 at the wheels that day,
> and I know that he
> whacked a
> 13 sec quarter (published) which would put him off
> by about 20 on that dyno
> test.
> IME at dynos, you need a dedicated fan on the
> radiator, and a dedicated fan
> on the IC.  You also need to stabilize the IC temps
> (I used ice water in a
> plant sprayer).  IC's on S cars can heat soak on the
> first run and NEVER
> stabilize.  Especially k24 equipped cars.
> Further IMO, the stage 1+ is capable of putting out
> 280 under optimal
> conditions.  IME, a  k24 putting out that kind of
> power needs optimal
> conditions to
> put out "up to" 280hp.
> Scott Justusson
> QSHIPQ Performance Tuning>>>
> Ahhhh, precisely the reason I posted my Q, diggin'
> the responses,
> intelligible info.  Thanks.
> Gots to remount that belly pan off since last oil
> change.  And to get off my
> arse and Frankenliner the suckah...  all bandaids
> and stitches until the
> miraculous day a FMIC dumps itself into my lap I
> s'pose (year 2457).  And
> also time to get off my arse, put down the beeahs,
> and finally log some AC22
> runs with Rossato & Rich etc., we've got a fair
> variety of cars to sample
> around these here parts.  Good data points indeed,
> Dave.
> -Paul
> CT
> '95 //S6 now encouraging me to drive like an even
> idiot-er idiot than I
> thought possibly-possible
> '58 TR3A winterized (read:  turned key off, I think,
> and shut door)
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