[s-cars] Fw: [torsen] ADMIN: Audifans server status update

Stephen Redford shr42 at msn.com
Thu Nov 13 01:21:58 EST 2003

---I am forwarding this to anyone who might be on the "Urq" list, or knows someone who is ,  and does not know this  list , and some others , are Down ...  ... Stephen Redford '85Urq

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Subject: [torsen] ADMIN: Audifans server status update

> Since the urq and V8 lists are still dead, I thought I would try to send out
> what I know via the torsen list.  I find it extremely ironic that while the
> V8, urq and even the main quattro list are dead the "torsen" list lives on!
> :-)
> Anyway ... I got an e-mail from Dan Simoes the other day ... he indicated to
> me that he wasn't able to work on getting the lists going last weekend due
> to a death in the family.  He noted that Brett and Mark would do what they
> could, but he would not be available to start again until this Friday.  Some
> of you may have gotten a message to this effect from Dan, but I think others
> may not.  To those of you who are receiving the torsen list, please feel
> free to pass this message along to others you know who are on other lists
> that might be wondering about what is going on ...
> Steve Buchholz
> Audifans torsen list admin
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