[s-cars] AAN 20VT in 4000CS

Marc Swanson mswanson at mswanson.com
Thu Nov 20 11:46:45 EST 2003

> >From my experience with the '85 CGT, I think the older 4000 were not
> galvanized but the later - 85 to 87 - were. I dont see how my CGT would
> have resist 5 winters with paint chips the size of a dollar bill - I
> won't comment on the 5 years with paint chips - on the hood if it was
> not galvanized. After 5 years of salt and snow, I had only surface rust.

Chalk it up to luck?  Unfortunately NONE of the type 85's were ever
galvanized.  I _think_ Audi's first galvanized car was in 1984 with the
introduction of the type 44 platform.

The type 85 was introduced in 1981, and at that point Audi probably
hadn't considered galvanizing quite yet so it created the tooling for
the platform without the necessary features required for the galvanizing
process (such as rolling the edges of body panels).  Audi probably
decided not to retool the platform for galvanization since the type 85
was phased out in 1987 anyway, at which point the type 89 came on the
scene with a lot of advancements that never hit the earlier platforms..
galvanization being one of them.

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