[s-cars] snow tires

Ed Kellock ekellock at adelphia.net
Thu Nov 13 16:00:29 EST 2003

Tire Rack shows 205/55-16 as an alternate size for winter tires.

Do you have the 5-spoke S4 wheels that are 16x8?


From: "Batchelder" <jkvt at wcvt.com>
Date: 2003/11/13 Thu PM 03:46:08 MST
To: <s-car-list at audifans.com>
Subject: [s-cars] snow tires

This is the first Vermont winter with my 92 s4.
What is the ideal size snow tire to run on the stock 16 inch rims?
What is the narrowest I can safely get away with?

Thank you,

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