[s-cars] Extended Warranty update - the coverage has some holes

Bruce Mendel brucem105 at comcast.net
Thu Nov 13 19:14:43 EST 2003

That was my eperience with  Accel and Heritage as well. I'd put them in the
"tough, but fair" category. They will not cover anything they are not
specifically contractually obligated for, no exceptions, but do pay for what
they are supposed to.

Accel is nice, and tries to help, but they have no clout with Heritage
either. In the ned, though, a creative owner/mechanic combonation can find
lots of ways to get things covered. I had a $900+ claim denied, but when I
"recategorized" the parts needed, they covered 90% of the claim.

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> For those of you who jumped in to purchase extended warranty packages with
> the group earlier this year (and those who may be contemplating purchase
> the near future)........I thought I'd share my recent experiences.
> I purchased the policy from Accel Warranty Services for my 95 S6 Avant w/
> 99k miles.  It seemed the $1800 payment for 36 months/36k mile coverage
> $0 deductible) was a reasonable bet.
> Even though the coverage states it will cover electrical items including
> "manual switches", I was surprised when Heritage Warranty (they administer
> the claims) refused to pay for my faulty ignition switch.
> Additionally, I was none too pleased when they said my failed Secondary
> Cooling Fan was specifically excluded.  The policy does cover the Primary
> cooling fan, but apparently does not include any additional engine cooling
> fans.  It also states that Air conditioning Condenser cooling fan motors
> specifically excluded.
> I complained to Accel Warranty which sold us the policy, and they agreed
> try to intercede in my behalf.  Apparently, they didn't make much more of
> dent in the impenetrable armor than I did.  However, Accel did sympathize
> with me enough that they agreed to pay $100 toward the ignition switch- so
> I'll definitely give them some extra brownie points for customer empathy.
> However, it looks like I'll be trying to free up a weekend to tackle the
> Secondary Cooling fan, or coughing up $500 for my mechanic to scrape his
> knuckles for me.
> On a positive note, my claims for replacement of the water pump, ignition
> control unit, and CV boot, were handled with no hassle, and those saved me
> $1000.
> Robert Welch
> Golden, CO
> 95 S6 Avant
> 93 S4
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