[s-cars] tie rod assemblies: urS-car vs. '91 200q

Steve Marinello smarinello at charter.net
Thu Nov 13 20:52:02 EST 2003

The question has been raised as to the differences between the 200q and S4/6
tie rod assemblies.  The tie rod ends are identical; same audi p/n, although
Worldpac seems to have different numbers.  The female end is apparently
about 1/2" longer on the s-car than on the 200q, but the difference is on
the straight line threaded section, which can be compensated for with the
tie rod end adjustment.  It would seem that the female section would be
nominally stronger with the additional length, but how much more so, if at

Of course, the bottom line is that the 200q tie rod assemblies are less than
half the price of the s-car assemblies.  Anyone care to comment?  Anyone
subbed them before?


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