[s-cars] how difficult to replace the e-brake cable ?

Wayne Dohnal wd1 at hevanet.com
Thu Nov 13 21:25:01 EST 2003

I recently replaced the driver side cable. I've read that it's the more
difficult of the two.  The general consensus is that you don't have to drop
the driveshaft, but you do have to drop the exhaust pipes in the area where
the cable hooks on the yoke that pulls it.  My exhaust didn't want to come
apart, and I managed to do the job without dropping it.  I fabricated a tool
out of a piece of wood to lift the cable end up into the limited-access area
and hook it onto the yoke.  I spent an hour just hooking it on.  Don't know
if it would have been faster to drop the exhaust or not.

Wayne Dohnal
1994 S4

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