[s-cars] how difficult to replace the e-brake cable ?

beernuts beernuts at online.no
Fri Nov 14 08:12:22 EST 2003

I don't see myself as a guru, but I've done both things, so here goes..
I replaced the cables without removing either the exhaust or the shaft, but it
was somewhat fiddly. Guess it's practical with small hands sometimes. The big
job is actually getting out the clip in the front, so better buy a new one
before you start, so you know what it looks like.
The stud on teh turbo was no problem, had to change position about 100 times
to remove it, but I didn't use a custom tool. The writeup says to use the
'u'-bent spanners, but then again, it says that bolt is of a different size..
Mine wasn't, it just had a washer.
Bjorn  :o)
'92 S4 MTM (still with a BIG idle problem.. 2324 code..)

>===== Original Message From thomas.pollock at amd.com =====
>Hello all you S-car guru's out there !
>quick coupla questions...  How difficult is it to replace the e-brake cables
>on our cars ?  I've gone back through some old mail that referenced this
>repair and I think folks are saying the prop shaft needs to come out. Is
>this true ?
>Also, how in the heck do you get to the stud behind the turbo on the down
>pipe ? You know the one... 8-)  I remember reading someone talking about
>fabricating a shortie wrench by grinding down but I gotta think there's
>either an easier way or better tool ?
>thanks in advance,
>94 100csq (her car)
>94 s4 stage 1+ (would like to sell if I can get the wife back in her 100)
>94 s4 rs2 conversion (my car)
>sable wagon (winter beater)
>toyota tacoma (passifier for 18 year old so he stays away from either s-car)
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