[s-cars] Clutch Pedal Play?

Rokas Reipa rokas at wam.umd.edu
Fri Nov 14 11:01:10 EST 2003

Hi Cody,

It wasn't there when I bought the car but about two months ago, I've noticed
play. Despite bleeding the brakes and the clutch, it stays there. I'd like
to know how to get rid of it because its making the clutch feel very
imprecise and clunky. Perhaps an adjustment needs to be made?

95.5 S6
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> Gents,
> Does anyone else have about 1.5" of clutch pedal play when you engage the
clutch.  Seems like there is a bit of free movement until you feel the
pressure on the pedal.  It may have been there all along and I never noticed
> Thx
> cp
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