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George Grubr george at connectel-cz.com
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I've used 205/55/16 Dunlops for three years and car was unstable in higher
speeds including the problems with stock rim. Last two years I've used
225/50/16 Dunlop M2 and there is IMHO no difference in snow/slush
performance but on wet/dry road car handles much better.

I drive in area where you get snow between November till March and with
pisspoor road maintenance - they do not (except highway) plow the road
unless snowfall is more than 5-6", they just put tons of salt. With 2 ton
car the difference between 205 and 225 is not really noticeable (by my
buttmeter) in snow.

My .02

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you wrote: I had a set of 205/55 16 Hakkas briefly installed on my 5 spoke
S4 wheels.It was not a good fit...the wheel was too wide for the tires. The
16x8 wheel really wants a 225/50 size tire, and in Vermont you probably want
a narrower tire (like the 205/55).

 I had the same experience and went with a 215/55/16 Michelin, and think
it's a good compromise.


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