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Aaron aaront at cox-internet.com
Sat Nov 15 08:24:10 EST 2003

Thats an intereresting observation.  My experience has been that as a
whole, Frence roads are far better maintained than those around my neck
of the woods with fewer clunckers on the road.
Spose it depends on what you are comparing to.
AaronT in idaho

The CyberPoet wrote:

> http://cnews.canoe.ca/CNEWS/WeirdNews/2003/11/10/252800-ap.html
> "The radar initiative is part of a campaign by the centre-right
> government to try to curtail the carnage on French roads, where roughly
> 8,000 people die annually - more than in any other European Union
> country. The campaign has included stepped-up police checks against
> drunk and speeding drivers."
> IMHO (and it is humble, when it comes to the French), their accident
> rates have to do more with the following than their speeding:
> (A) Less than ideal car inspection standards and road-worthiness
> standards -- I've seen unbelievably beat up cars trolling the roads
> there. The headlights around the area surrounding the city of Bitche
> (which I've often driven, spelled "Bitch" on German road signs) are
> particularly horrid, with 1 out 10 burned out and 3 out of 10 dim or so
> lens covered in dirt & grime as to look burned out. Doesn't help
> pea-soup fog permeates the area much of the year at night.
> (B) The wonderful wines that seem to go with every meal. Not to mention
> the before-dinner aperitif, the after-dinner... you get the idea.
> (C) Long, open roads with little traffic, large amounts of fog and poor
> road maintenance (combined with poor line & edge markings). Throw in
> unexpected farm traffic (including wandering cattle, manure spreaders),
> and those poor headlights and it just gets worse...
> The difference becomes glaringly apparent if you drive on any back
> country road from back-woods Germany into back-woods France -- it's
> like a harsh line was laid and everything beyond it in France was
> muddled by some abstract artist who left his water color paintings in
> the rain.
> Cheers
> =-= Marc Glasgow
> PS - trying to find the Bitche? Great place to spend an afternoon
> visiting the citadel, and drinking at night with the local French Army
> soldiers...
> MAP:
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