[s-cars] My baby has been scarred - Upper Strut Mount FAILURE!!!!!

Bob Rossato bob.rossato at att.net
Sat Nov 15 17:00:01 EST 2003

> But there really is not weight on the strut mount bolt...
> It's not bearing the weight from the spring, that is taken care of by the
> strut tower.
> You can take that strut and mount off without removing the weight of the
> car, so why did the bolt go thru the hood ??
> I would look very closely at the entire spring area, is there any
> damage to
> the strut tower at all ?
> Mark S

With the strut mount/camber plate off the car is solely riding on the spring
and the shock has no effect at all.  This will result in the car porpoising
significantly.  Once the mount failed it wouldn't take much, especially on a
bumpy road, to have that side of the body compress the spring to the point
of driving the, now free and fully extended, shock piston into the hood.


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