[s-cars] My baby has been scarred - Upper Strut Mount FAILURE!!!!!

Mark Strangways strangconst at rogers.com
Sat Nov 15 16:58:59 EST 2003

I see your point, but the hood is fairly strong, I will have to verify where
the cross bracing is in it prior to puttin foot in mouth !
Alone I would not suspect the shock has that much damping to go thru though.
I may be wrong, it happens :-)

Mark S
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> > But there really is not weight on the strut mount bolt...
> > It's not bearing the weight from the spring, that is taken care of by
> > strut tower.
> > You can take that strut and mount off without removing the weight of the
> > car, so why did the bolt go thru the hood ??
> > I would look very closely at the entire spring area, is there any
> > damage to
> > the strut tower at all ?
> >
> > Mark S
> With the strut mount/camber plate off the car is solely riding on the
> and the shock has no effect at all.  This will result in the car
> significantly.  Once the mount failed it wouldn't take much, especially on
> bumpy road, to have that side of the body compress the spring to the point
> of driving the, now free and fully extended, shock piston into the hood.
> Bob

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