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It is conceivable, however, that a body made with ungalvanized sheet
metal could be galvanized after welding.  The necessary technique to
eliminate spangle for ease of later painting was published in Design
News or Machine Design in the early '70s.  This was ignored by the
Detroit-based car manufacturers, who had a vested interest in minimizing
sheet metal longevity.

My understanding of Audi's process is a hot dip galvanizing follow-up to
welded galvanized steel sheet.  Thus, the second part of the process
could have been applied to the later 4000s as a step toward the full
process.  Not having owned a 4000, I can't say for sure.


l.leung at juno.com wrote:
> Type 85's were not galvanized. It's a major process to begin
> to galvanize something and still be able to undergo follow up
> operations (such as welding panels together) to assemble a car
> body, so that full galvanized cars such as the type44, B4's and
> the like MUST be designed as such from the start (at least in
> mass production). Thus the type 85 (later 4000's, 80's elsewhere,
> and CGTs) weren't ever galvanized, to retrofit for a car in
> it's waning years would have been financially tough to justify.
> The only car I've heard of that underwent such a retrofit to
> galvaninzing without a major redesign was the 77 Porsche type 901,
> which, of course, is a horse of a totally different color (and,
> more importantly, price point and subsequent customer base).
> LL - NY
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> Bill and Paul,
> >From my experience with the '85 CGT, I think the older 4000 were not
> galvanized but the later - 85 to 87 - were. I don=92t see how my CGT would
> have resist 5 winters with paint chips the size of a dollar bill - I
> won't comment on the 5 years with paint chips - on the hood if it was
> not galvanized. After 5 years of salt and snow, I had only surface rust.
> Vincent
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