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Kirby Smith kirby.a.smith at verizon.net
Sun Nov 16 16:28:42 EST 2003

FWIW, I use 205/60-15 Hakka Q's on Audi 15-inch steel wheels in the
winter.  Being Q rated, however, one is limited to 99 mph.  Adequate
speed for my winter purposes, and they are extremely aggressive in the
snow.  Not too great in dry cornering relative to my SO-2s, but one
can't have everything.


George Grubr wrote:
> Taka, all may depend on the tire compound (not that I am any expert on
> subject) - Dunlops worked well for me in the environment where I drive and
> did reasonably well to buy them again 2 more times. We have used other tires
> such Pirelli for 2 other A6q we have and the results were nothing to talk
> about.
> I have Blizzaks on Jeep which is fine (perhaps even slightly better in deep
> snow than M2 Dunlop) but not worth anything on wet/dry except the 50 mph
> easy drive.
> Used Michelins winter before and almost got killed because their performance
> on wet road so I did not buy them again (had nothing to do with French
> manufacturer for the record....), so .....
> I will use the M3 Dunlop for my new car as well, there are not too many
> choices in 18" size
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> Funny you mention this- I find that my car does not handle deep snow well at
> all with my 225/45R17 Nokian NRWs. I was hoping to alleviate the problem by
> going to a 205/50R17, but if the difference is negligible, I will stick with
> my current tires. I know that NRWs are not "real" snow tires, but I thought
> they would be comparable to the Dunlop M2.
> BTW, I'm running these tires on 17x7.5" ET45 S4 Avus.
> Taka
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