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Sun Nov 16 14:06:14 EST 2003

On 11/16/03 7:35 AM, "QSHIPQ at aol.com" <QSHIPQ at aol.com> wrote:

> I find it unbelievable that one would spend 2 large and not know what "might"
> be coming their way.  I KNOW this list and others have threads regarding
> squealing pads on BR upgrades.  I KNOW that I was one of the very first to put
> Big
> Reds on a quattro almost 8 years ago.  I KNOW that I *ONLY* recommend and use
> Textars (one of the main reasons being squeal), including on my own rides.  I
> KNOW I've been on this list since inception.

So what Scott?  This is part of your problem, you think that you know
EVERYTHING, yet that is FAR from the truth  You also claim to be on the
mother list from almost day one and we know that you popped up in 1992 after
you got a computer for Christmas...

Your arguing that people should know everything about every mod they put on
their car, He wants stouter brakes, the vendor he went with suggested this
set up to him, he trust's their judgment, your crucifying him because of
that. You really need to get off your high horse, you have been know to make
bad suggestions but everyone is supposed to overlook that because you if
they don't you beat the subject into submission (Not that you get it
correct, you just go for the volume method)

> Looking at this now, is expost facto and post cognitive disonance theory.
> Put the textars in and call it a day.  Put a advisory up on the urs4.com site,
> lob Tom an email or call, and put a post up with the conclusion when you get
> the Textars.  Going "after" ECS is absolutely obsurd.  I put up 'another' post
> speaking of how the variance in aftermarket pads and sqealing potential is
> pretty high, especially compared to Textars.  YOUR WELCOME.  In terms of
> 'expectation' is Tom supposed to test every production run of pads?

ECS sold him the brakes and pads, I have news for you Scott, Textars will
squeal, ALL Pads can squeal. He is unhappy that the pad choice that he has
squeals, that doesn't make him wrong.

> In a message dated 11/15/2003 2:04:33 PM Central Standard Time,
> rdauenhauer at yahoo.com writes:
> Scott, unbeliveable?
> read the posts again...its a simple matter of
> perspective. My perspecticve is that of a consumer,
> someone who in my case dosnt live and and breathe
> brake pads, lithium grease and dust boots. My
> expectation is I can buy a product that ...again in
> KIT form... is supposed to be engineered for an
> application. I dont know F**k All, about backing plate
> dimensional differances, or evan that the Textar is
> the OEM pad, I choose to limit my knowledge in this
> area because, honestly Im relying on others (experts
> like you or ECS) to have already done that heavy
> lifting ahead of me.
> One very good reason I participate on this list.
> Your perspective on the otherhand appears to come from
> being a servicing dealer.
> "Anyone could have *asked* about this problem and
> got and gotten the same response from me, and anyone
> that services their Big Reds in my shop knows well my
> feelings on A-M pads for Big Reds"
> What good does that do me!! I wasnt dealing with you I
> was dealing with Tom at ECS thus my Post.

Scott doesn't understand that he thinks that he rules the list and he is the
only person that is correct.

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