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The CyberPoet thecyberpoet at cyberpoet.net
Mon Nov 17 05:16:08 EST 2003

So I'm watching the footage from Fredric's slight Faux Pax with the S6
Plus (Avant), and I can't help slowing it down and watching every move
of the front wheels, the suspension reactions and such (looks like you
were having a blast!). Perhaps it's just the old rally driver in me,
but Frederic, wouldn't you have been better served by keeping the car
pointed into the apex and gassing it hard (to slide it through the turn
by intentionally loosing traction while oriented towards the exit point
for the slide), rather than trying to counter-steer to get it back
under control (or was there insufficient power to break the wheels lose
all around, and/or would the traction control system not permit that)?

BTW, the footage of how the back oscillated progressively with each
attempting at correcting the slide brought back perfect memories of
watching from the passenger seat as my other half totaled my 200 Turbo
some years ago (105 mph, I-75 in Florida) -- exact same scenario with
the back end losing traction and attempted corrections on her part
causing progressively wider rear-end swinging, but sans the benefit of
a nice run-off area...

=-= Marc Glasgow

Frederic Quipped:

> In case you are curious to see an S6 Plus in action.....
> It was at the Dijon Race Track last sunday. Obviously I was going to
> this
> left downhill curve too fast ! ! !
> <http://www.audipassion.com/services/videotheque/videos/amateurs/
> club_des_amateurs_audi/dijon_2003/
> amateur_dijon_2003_acrobatie_s6_plus_balsen.mpg>

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