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Mon Nov 17 08:39:50 EST 2003

I'm an idiot (as ascribed by you years ago!).  I also have run big reds on
quattros longer than anyone on these lists.  From that experience and servicing
and selling big red brake kits since, I found that textars don't squeal with
Big Red Calipers and a variety of rotor choices on a variety of chassis, from S
car to urq.  When textars "DO" squeal then there is something else wrong.
So, the call should be to the local Porsche dealer, not Tom at ECS.... Yet.

You missed the checker as usual.  When you call ECS after seeing on the
website that he specifically lists that he uses Hawk pads, you can ask an opinion
about them.  They ARE an *aftermarket* alternative to the factory textars that
came on that specific caliper and rotor combination, period.  Want to get rid
of the squeal?  Put on the textars.  All pads *can* squeal, IME textars just
don't?   In 8 years I haven't gotten them to, but I'm no race instructor...
Textars also create more brake dust on the wheels. The point is the *PROBLEM*
can be solved in 20 minutes by anyone that bought this kit.

We aren't taking about "specification change", new machining, faulty braking
system, leaks or runout.  All issues that would warrant  ECS action.  We are
speaking of a non factory specification pad that may not have the same quality
controls or priorities in compromises. And it would take longer to take the
wheels off, than to "fix" the problem.   Tools required:  17mm socket, and a
pair of pliers.

I have opinions based on experience, and here being a former racer, or a
current idiot, really doesn't matter.  This is reality 101 combined with
reasonable expectations within business 101.

Thanks for your thoughts, appreciate the "former" perspective.  You must feel
better about reinforcing my "current" status.

Scott Justusson, still S.O.B.
Formerly smart
Current idiot

In a message dated 11/16/2003 4:16:35 PM Central Standard Time, a former
racer was known to have squealed:
So what Scott?  This is part of your problem, you think that you know
EVERYTHING, yet that is FAR from the truth  You also claim to be on the
mother list from almost day one and we know that you popped up in 1992 after
you got a computer for Christmas...

Your arguing that people should know everything about every mod they put on
their car, He wants stouter brakes, the vendor he went with suggested this
set up to him, he trust's their judgment, your crucifying him because of
that. You really need to get off your high horse, you have been know to make
bad suggestions but everyone is supposed to overlook that because you if
they don't you beat the subject into submission (Not that you get it
correct, you just go for the volume method)

ECS sold him the brakes and pads, I have news for you Scott, Textars will
squeal, ALL Pads can squeal. He is unhappy that the pad choice that he has
squeals, that doesn't make him wrong.

Scott doesn't understand that he thinks that he rules the list and he is the
only person that is correct.

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