[s-cars] Re: Former squealing 2B

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Mon Nov 17 11:28:24 EST 2003

Cuz, in ECS experience, they "formerly" didn't squeal?  It could very well be
that ECS considers the Textars to be too dusty.  Someone elses business
decisions aren't the "problem" I am trying to address.  IME, aftermarket pad squeal
isn't an ECS problem, it's a pad problem.  Positive or Negative feedback and
response (or lack of) could be an ECS problem/headache.

Levent bought the textar pads, let's see after install, whether he solved the
problem himself.  Then, with the same "power" of this list, let's identify
the solution to the problem.  This may or may not include Tom at ECS.

my grain added to .02

Scott Justusson

In a message dated 11/17/2003 9:34:50 AM Central Standard Time,
cpayne at bconnected.com writes:
    The only question I have that IF Textars do not squeal then "why" doesnt
ECS sell them with their kits?  They offer Mintex RedBox instead as the
default pad.

If that is the case would solve a lot of ECS's headaches very quickly ;-)


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