[s-cars] Free Beer, Free Food, Free Bloody Knuckles?

Cody Payne cpayne at bconnected.com
Mon Nov 17 14:49:49 EST 2003

	Looking to save some $$ and gain a bit more experience in working on our cars.  I would like to change out my stock Exhaust Manifold for my RS2 EM and I am looking for some help perhaps this weekend?

I have seen the procedure at urs4.com but would really like someone who has BTDT.

I will provide all the beer and pizza you can eat and breakfast too...if you could just give me a hand in changing out this part.  I would like to save the 6-7 Hours of labor in doing myself.

Anyone interested?  Any help greatly appreciated.

Westminster, CO...unfortunely I cant fly anyone in from the East Coast ;-)

Thank You

Cody Payne

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