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Elvis V. Palombizio epalombizio at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 17 21:39:58 EST 2003

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Good Evening All,

            Here is my situation. I'm getting hesitations, poor gas
mileage, and almost no kick from the turbo when I gun the engine at full
throttle. Here are the sequence of events that led to this condition.

1.	Got my timing belt and related items replaced.
2.	A week later, car stalled out and wouldn't stay on. Traced it to
the turbo hose as it had come off the exit side of the turbo. I
tightened it up really good and it was fine, but of course I was scared
to punch it as I hate getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.
3.	I purchased the Samcos off the GPs and installed the hoses with
the monster clamps. Everything seemed to go together easily.
4.	A day later, I popped the hose off the exit side again. Went
back and torqued up the clamps more and there didn't seem to be any more
5.	Ever since step 4, I've been getting this monster hesitation. It
happens when I accelerate from a stop, after changing gears, or anywhere
else. I noticed that as I get up to higher elevations and I gun it, the
engine will cut out as if I hit the rev limiter even though I hadn't. My
exhaust smells rich. I just got new plugs but haven't put them in yet.
Anything I can try? I must be losing boost somewhere causing my engine
to think it has more air in the chambers. Do I need to unplug my battery
so my engine computer can relearn or is this not even an issue.

This thing is driving me nuts, I can't peg my car and I'm burning crazy
gas.. Any help would be sweet!




Elvis Palombizio

Mobile: 860-202-9226


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