[s-cars] gearbox woes

Rokas Reipa rokas at wam.umd.edu
Mon Nov 17 23:03:46 EST 2003

Hey everyone! Ever since I bought my 95.5 S6(with the standard tranny, no
upgrades) back in August, gearbox feel has gotten worse.  It has now gotten
to the point that it will not slide smoothly into any gear even when warm
and requires a fair amount of force to shift into second and fourth when
cold. Sometimes(and this is the most bothersome), it WILL NOT go into first
or reverse. Car stationary, clutch all the way in, the shifter just hits a
wall. It goes in on maybe the fifth try. Very very disconcerting. I changed
the gearbox lube and refilled with fresh MT-90 three weeks ago. The gearbox
as a whole feels just feels very clunky and imprecise. When shifting thru
the gears in a parking lot with the engine running, rather loud clicking can
be heard outside of the car, especially when shifting into second. Is all of
this a common problem? What can I do to fix it? Thanks so much,

95.5 S6

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