[s-cars] My baby has been scarred - Upper Strut Mount FAILURE!!!!! - UpdatePart I

Paul Gailus gailus at mindspring.com
Mon Nov 17 22:20:07 EST 2003

I  just want to make sure that we're talking about the same thing
when you referred to the large "washer" in your posting.
The metal cup I was talking about is under the strut mount,
and is over 2 inches in diameter and about an inch deep.
The concave side (opening) of this cup faces down.

The reason I ask is that there is a shallow dished washer clearly
visible on top of the strut mount. I'm just checking to make sure
that you're not referring to this one.


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FAILURE!!!!! - UpdatePart I

> I had a closer look at the upper strut mount.  The large, inverted
> is in place.  I spoke with a tech at Adirondack (where I bought the
> about the failure.  He was perplexed and theorized I hit a bump "just
> right".  Anyway, new mounts are to arrive here tomorrow.  I will take some
> pics and provide to anybody who may be interested in seeing the
> Regards,
> Mark
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> FAILURE!!!!!
> Mark,
> I had the exact same failure about two years ago.  I had a shock replaced
> and the springs replaced all around and the shop forgot the metal cup that
> Paul describes.  The shock caused the strut mount to push up into the hood
> and put a nasty ding in the hood.  It took about two weeks for this to
> happen.  The shop denied that they forgot the piece and claimed it must
> have been there when they took it apart.  I argued with them and told them
> that if one side had it and the other didn't they should have noticed
> something was wrong.  They eventually offered to buy a new strut mount and
> install it, but the hood repair was on my nickel ($375 to be exact).
> In my mind the problem was clearly their fault and they should have been
> responsible for the whole repair.  This was a difficult situation as they
> are one of the only shops around with experience on Audi's and other high
> end cars. They also allow me to bring my own parts which many shops do not
> allow.   I boycotted the shop for about nine months until I had another
> repair cost me an arm an a leg and a whole bunch of time elsewhere.
> Jack
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> > FAILURE!!!!!
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> >
> > Mark,
> >
> > Sorry to hear about your problem.
> > You might want to take off the failed strut mount in order to verify
> > that there is an inverted metal cup on top of the strut piston shaft.
> > This is needed to spread out the compression loads on the strut mount:
> > http://www.audifans.com/pipermail/s-car-list/2002-December/008957.html
> >
> > If the metal cup is present, then it's likely that a defect in the strut
> > mount
> > or the strut insert caused the problem.
> >
> > Paul

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