[s-cars] gearbox woes

Paul Gailus gailus at mindspring.com
Mon Nov 17 22:58:10 EST 2003

Possibly the clutch is not fully disengaging.
Is the master cylinder reservoir full?
Could be a bad clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder.
Other possibilities are a defective pressure plate
assembly or a bad pilot bearing.


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> Hey everyone! Ever since I bought my 95.5 S6(with the standard tranny, no
> upgrades) back in August, gearbox feel has gotten worse.  It has now
> to the point that it will not slide smoothly into any gear even when warm
> and requires a fair amount of force to shift into second and fourth when
> cold. Sometimes(and this is the most bothersome), it WILL NOT go into
> or reverse. Car stationary, clutch all the way in, the shifter just hits a
> wall. It goes in on maybe the fifth try. Very very disconcerting. I
> the gearbox lube and refilled with fresh MT-90 three weeks ago. The
> as a whole feels just feels very clunky and imprecise. When shifting thru
> the gears in a parking lot with the engine running, rather loud clicking
> be heard outside of the car, especially when shifting into second. Is all
> this a common problem? What can I do to fix it? Thanks so much,
> Rokas
> 95.5 S6
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