[s-cars] Turbo replacement

Joseph Pizzimenti pizzoman at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 18 05:30:30 EST 2003

Depends which K26 you're talking about.  I believe the
K24 that comes stock on the s-car is more efficient
than many K26 units out there.

A query to Ola of Innovative Turbo on the west coast
might be in order.  He's made a lot of turbochargers
for the folks on this list and can offer a better
solution than I can.


--- "Lino M. Valadas" <l.valadas at rogers.com> wrote:
> Hi  there
> Do you know if a kkk 26 bolts up to where the kkk 24
> was on a 93 S4?  And if
> so has anybody done it?  What are the pros and cons.
> Any feedback would be appreciated.
> Lino
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