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Tue Nov 18 09:45:26 EST 2003

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Paul Park wondered and others commented:

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Flywheel vs. O...
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The reason I "think" Audi uses heavy flywheels is that they don't make
engines with low end torque, and its needed to get off the line. Larger mass
easier launch from stop.
I would love to lighten my flywheels for quicker response, but for a daily
driver, I'm afraid the stoplight traffic would be worse than the already
marginal situation. Uphill with the AC on is something I usually try to
avoid by just
turning the AC off till it gets rolling.
For a fun car- I'd do it in heartbeat.
For a commuter- probably not.

Paul, in the FWIW category...

Having just installed NEA's LWFW 2 weeks ago (with SPEC clutch and rebuilt 6
spd., etc.), I feel compelled to comment.  Spool up?  It's phenomenal.  I
was slightly worried about Dennis' comment above (but hey, my worry was
solely based upon Sony Grand Turismo LWFW install experience up to this
point).  Conclusion?  No way, it f'n rocks.  I believe my CMG 1st ratio
mirrors the 5 spd's, so that should rule the box out of affecting my
judgment on the launch.  Other gears, man, it's silly.  I'm really digging
it.  Highway spool up in any gear is borderline retarded (figuratively not
literally for you literary geeks).

THAT said...

If you hadn't seen my posts last week, the LWFW makes NOISE.  Mostly at warm
idle with clutch out, there's a clatter that sounds like a loose heat
shield, but not as tin-y sounding.  Also, bogging it in 2nd-6th will produce
an audible drivetrain 'bearing noise' (for lack of better description.
Solution?  Don't bog it, and hold hand on shifter when in at idle neutral,
and apply slight pressure, makes idle clatter go away.  Believe me, with the
new-found-fun-factor, you won't be bogging it much...  just finding other
things to break from beating on it more.

No where's this morning's coolant leak coming from I wonder...

-P off to the next f'n thing K.

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